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The LUF60, a wireless remote controlled mobile firefighting support unit, clears the path for advancement of up to a distance of 1000 feet by incorporating a high capacity positive pressure ventilator and a “water beam” fog. This combination clears away smoke, heat, toxic gases and reduces the intensity of the fire, allowing firefighting and rescue teams to more safely approach the incident. The diesel powered LUF60 is a rugged machine that can withstand the rigors of severe operating conditions and confined spaces. Applications in a variety of situations, include, but are not limited to: rail & subway tunnels, aircraft hangers, chemical, industrial & power plants, warehouses and commercial buildings.

Standard equipment includes steel/cast aluminum water cannon with a hydraulically driven ventilation fan and 360 high pressure nozzles that provide a wireless remote controlled elevation adjustable from 0-40 degrees. The 1000’ range wireless remote includes a spare battery and on board charger. The unit also has two Xenon 300 watt working lights (one forward/one rear). Other specifications include: size 7’7” L x 4’6” W x 6’7” H, weight 4,410 lbs, turbo charged 95 HP 4-cylinder diesel engine, 13 gallon fuel tank, and 100+ GPM water pump.

Optional features for the LUF60 include the following equipment:

Additional Ventilator – A high power & density ventilator that can be operated as a suction fan (ventilation funnels, city-channels, etc.) or as a positive pressure fan (tunnels, factories, large buildings, etc.). The additional ventilator is capable of quick set-up and the volume output is adjustable. Operated manually or remote controlled with devices installed on the LUF60, the unit can be used in horizontal or vertical applications plus or minus 15 degrees. Power is supplied directly from the LUF60 or with a portable power pack. The unit is resistant to corrosion, gases and other contaminants. Technical specifications include: size 4’ H x 3.5’ W x 7.8” depth and weight 77 lbs.

Rail Kit Operation – A modular system which can be assembled on-site within minutes and driven on a railway system. The Rail Kit, in combination with the LUF60, is an ideal package for operational crews in rail and subway tunnel systems. The unit can be used as a rescue shuttle, LUF60 main unit carrier, or for firefighters’ transportation. The maximum designed speed under full load is up to 25 mph. The Rail Kit is driven by remote control or manual control devices installed directly on the LUF60 unit. Technical specifications include: as built (dimensions customized on track and wheel requirements) unit size 11’6” L x 6’6” W x 4’9” H, track width 4’9”, platform length 11’6” x 5’ width with 0”–47” height adjustment.

The LUF60 In Action

LUF60 Atlantic Emergency Solutions LUF60 Atlantic Emergency Solutions
LUF60 Atlantic Emergency Solutions LUF60 Atlantic Emergency Solutions

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