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Featured Equipment

Genesis Rescue Systems Featuring the eFORCE 2.0 Line of Extrication Tools
Genesis Rescue Tools The Genesis eFORCE 2.0 line of extrication tools is changing the battery powered extrication tool industry. Featuring everything you look for in Genesis Hydraulic Rescue Tools, in a battery design:

  • Lightweight design
  • Single finger control
  • Moveable handle
  • Dual LED lamps
  • Non-proprietary battery
  • ...and more!


Bullard Featuring the T320 Thermal Imager
Atlantic Emergency Solutions:

With the simplicity and durability of the original T3, the new Bullard T320 offers the value of the T3XT with a higher resolution. Innovations such as the Super Red Hot™ feature give firefighters new information about the fire scene, helping them make accurate and timely decisions that can significantly influence the outcome of incidents.


Featuring the Draeger PSS 7000 NFPA
Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus
Atlantic Emergency Solutions: The new Draeger PSS 7000 is a new generation of Breathing apparatus. With new harness the advanced compression molded comfort padding combines high temperature performance, exceptional wear resistance and a high grip anti-slip surface, which ensures the harness remains in position. Quick release mechanism on both the waist belt and shoulder harness permits quick and easy detachment for easy cleaning and maintenance. Service will be an easy task for everyone - save money and time.

All-American Hose Featuring the Conquest hose
Atlantic Emergency Solutions: Looking for a hose to flow a tremendous amount of water? You've found it with CONQUEST! Today’s fires are hotter and more water is needed at the nozzle to knock them down fast. Conquest meets that challenge every day. Our patented thru-the-weave extruded polyurethane liner has an incredibly smooth surface that enhances water flow. Typical friction loss reductions of over 50% compared to other hose designs deliver more water at standard operating pressure.

BlowHard Fans
Featuring the BH-20
Atlantic Emergency Solutions:
  • Responds Faster
  • Starts instantly on battery power
  • Sets up 2-6 minutes faster than other PPV fans
  • Ultra Portable, ergonomically designed to be carried by one person while running Blows Harder
  • Designed for high pressure to drive ventilation
  • BH-20 outperforms PPV fans rating at higher CFM. The ability to drive ventilation by building pressure in the structure results in air movement equivalent to most 15,000 CFM rated fans in real world conditions. Compact Storage
  • Two BH-20s fit in the space of one comparable PPV
  • With variable-speed motor control, the BH-20 can double as a PPV fan, saving valuable truck space and money